(Last Updated On: August 17, 2017)

The significance of EMF protection

Some friends ask me, why are you in EMF protection market? Because I want people live well, live better, live healthy, I said. Let’s see the impacts of EMR first, then you will know why EMF protection is necessary.


Electrical hazards: strong radiation can induced current capable of delivering an electric shock to persons and animals. It can also overload and destroy electrical equipment.

Fire hazards: EMR can cause electric currents strong enough to create sparks and can ignite flammable material and gases, leading to an explosion,


Biological hazards: EM field can cause dielectric heating. Ex. Touching and antenna can cause severe burns.

Health hazards of EMR:

EMR can cause cancer, high blood pressure, brain tumors, headache, leukemia, brain damage etc.

WHO facts says that EMR can cause depression, cardiovascular disorder, reproductive function, developmental disorders, immunological modification ect. But these have less chances than for child hood leukemia.


Isn’t it terrible? Don’t worry. BAODING PRETTY TEXTILE EMI shielding fabric can exclude the unwanted EMR or signals. We not only manufacturer EMI shielding fabrics, but also radiation shielding clothing, bed canopy, curtains, wall covers etc. Please feel free to contact us for more EMI shielding solutions.



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