(Last Updated On: September 20, 2018)

 How to wash silver fiber fabric?


1) Softly wash by hand, with neutral detergent such as TexCare (Don’t use any strongly alkaline detergent such as washing powder).**

2) Water temperature below 40˚C.

3) No bleach, do not use detergent with bleach ingredients.

4) Hang dry. Do not wring, do not hang in blazing sun for a long time, and pick up promptly from the water to dry.

5) Do not dry clean.

** Poor water quality will damage Silver. In particular Sulphur, high Fluoride, and low pH will react strongly with Silver and destroy conductivity and shielding performance.

Test your tap water on a small fabric swatch before washing your fabric or garment:

1-    soak a small fabric swatch in tap water for 1 hour.

2-    2- look for color change in the water or swatch, especially blackening.

3-    3- air dry the swatch and check for conductivity (by touching an Ohm meter to 2 points on the fabric)


4-    If color change or loss of conductivity occurs, DO NOT use tap water to wash/rinse your fabric, use distilled or deionized, reverse osmosis water.

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